Objetivos del Portal
  • To enable theoretical training and improvement for all Latin American radiologists, in particular those in the CIR member countries, regardless of geographic, physical or climate restrictions
  • To create an international portal of continued education in radiology in Spanish and the other official languages of the CIR on the Internet, with conferences for training and improvement in the field, with monthly updated contents and, as initial axis of the Portal, a Virtual Congress (June 2005), which will be subsequently held every two years alternating with the CIR Congresses, apart from all online teaching activitie

  • To take advantage of new technologies to offer online quality teaching activities to all Latin American and Spanish radiologists
  • To grant access to free training and to submit Papers: Communications, Posters and Radiological Cases to radiologists who, given their location or resources, cannot attend other forums on a regular basis
  • To bring together Latin American radiologists who, despite being united by a common language, are separated by significant geographic distances

  • To accredit the activities of the professors and participants of the Portal